As part of supporting their commercial caching plugin, the WP Rocket team works extensively with clients. WP Quick Install is a they use internally and decided to share with the community.

Its creators claim that the is the easiest way to install WordPress. You download the tiny script and then upload it to where you want your . The new installation  allows you to add themes and plugins to your site as well as configure some of the most common settings. It even allows you to do a few extra handy things like auto-remove the default content created by WordPress, ie. page, post, comment, themes, etc.

“We set up a fresh WordPress installation almost every week, both for our clients and for testing purposes,” Marchand-Arvier told the Tavern. “It’s always the same (when we don’t have SSH): download the zip, unzip, upload via ftp, install our favorites plugins, remove the default content, etc. So we developed a tool to do this for us.”

Marchand-Arvier said that the team created the tool for the sake of convenience and wanted to share it to give back to the community. He confirmed that they have no plans to build a commercial product around it but simply want to release as many free plugins and scripts as they can while developing for WordPress.

In addition to all the usual database details, WP Quick Install allows you to select search engine privacy settings, media thumbnail sizes, revision and autosave settings, enable debug mode, and disable the theme and plugin editors. Any theme that you include in the install folder can also be automatically activated:


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