You’ve probably thought before about how good it would be to create a mobile for your WordPress site. The advantage of having that icon on a home screen, a single tap to engagement, perhaps just the kudos of being able to say “of course we have an app”.

But you checked out the options and they are either too complicated or too expensive and so the thought got reluctantly tossed into the “too hard” basket.

Well, go rummage in that basket and retrieve that thought because here’s a approach that will allow you, for little cost, to create that basic app. The reasons for creating a mobile app have changed as the sheer volume of apps in the various app stores has exploded. Gone are the days of being able to use an app store as a form of marketing as the chances of your app being discovered sink ever closer to zero.

Today, it’s about giving your readers choice: letting them decide how and where they engage with your content. And, of course, with the continued rise of internet access via mobile devices (in the US in January 2014)You can build an app using freely available tools and get it onto an device at no cost; on , Apple being Apple means that they have to inject themselves into the process somewhere, so you’ll need to spend at least the $99/yr to join the 



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