Chocolatey is a manager for (like or yum but for
Windows) is a feed of packages provided and maintained by the community. If
you are a business looking at using Chocolatey, it is strongly recommended that
you do not use the community feed. See the question below on trusting the community
feed. is currently a fork of the NuGet gallery. Over time
is planned to be rewritten as a totally custom website. The Chocolatey team has
over 20 years of experience in writing fast, efficient and secure websites.

Package moderation and package signing are planned to increase the security of the
community feed. Bear with us, this is going to take time to get into place. The
plan is that a moderator would review and sign off on a package with a cryptographic
key. Users of Chocolatey would only need to trust moderators. As moderators are
shifted, updates of Chocolatey will reflect this. There will also be an out of band
way for users to trust a new maintainer.


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[list icon=”asterisk”] [item color=”orange”]Run this in an Elevated Command Prompt (Start > cmd.exe)…[/item] [/list]

Run as Admin cmd.exe


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