The entire reason I’m writing this article is to simply provide awareness of other products.
Google Analytics is great, easy to use as well as customize and provides a dashboard that is easy on the eyes.
There’s a big BUT here though…

I can think of a thousand reasons why any data-leak to a massive corporation is not a good idea, but your bread & butter/analytics on YOUR customers? Why should they reap the benefits..
The first alternative I list is indeed, open-source. Host it yourself, safeguard your data.

1 PIWIK Analytics  –  Open-Source #1 Pick / Recommendation!

This is the obvious choice for anyone who values anonymity and encrypting others’/your data.
All you need is a server with PHP/MySQL on it (you can even download a Bitnami Virtual Machine and run it on your desktop)
And there is a massive community surrounding the future of this product.

PIWIK Dashboard

Custom install of PIWIK on a Private server

2  –  Paid Dashboard Dashboard

3 KissMetrics  Paid

KISSmetrics Customer Intelligence   Web Analytics


4 clicky –  Freemium

clicky dashboard


5 HEAP Analytics –  Paid

Heap   Mobile and Web Analytics (1)
6 Segment –  Unknown

Tour - Segment

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