Makes HTML Presentations Easy with WebSlides

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WebSlides makes HTML presentations easy. Just the essentials and using lovely CSS. Each parent <section> in the #webslides element is an individual slide. Code is clean and scalable. It uses intuitive markup with popular naming conventions. There’s no need to overuse classes or nesting. Making an HTML presentation has never been so rewarding. You can Create your […]

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Professional Web Icons for Your Websites and Applications

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Analyse Asia 157: with Eva Xiao — How from China capture the teen market worldwide

“ Episode Synopsis: Eva Xiao, China reporter for Tech In Asia joined us to discuss an interesting video and entertainment company from China, and how it has skipped the domestic market and built a massive following from US, Europe and rest of the world with an impressive portfolio of investors from Silicon Valley and China. She provided a comprehensive overview of the company, the founders: Louis Yang and Alex Chu and the back story in how become one of the big apps that most teens across the world use. ”
– Bernard Leong

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